As a multifaceted artist, J. Isaac has endeavored in various forms of art culminating in a synesthetic full circle. He challenges the senses by using his ability to create a visual representation of the dynamic nature of empathy. While human err is distracted by the noise of our daily lives, J Isaac shows us the detailed harmonies within our chaos. He guides our attention with subtlety in order to contrast between what we choose to remember and what we tend to forget. 


J. Isaac was born and raised in Panama City, Panama in 1992 and his life has been dictated by the need to interpret his surroundings.  The driving force for his art began with an interest in music that quickly became a visual undertaking. His love for his home became his lens, and an understanding of its culture has driven him to showcase his particular perspective.  


He’s always open for collaborations with the intention of seeking a commune for artists to share in his vision and showcase their own.